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A Pali Hawaiian Sandal

A Pali Hawaiian Sandal

SKU: 405

Due to the uncertain availability of the Pali Hawaiian Sandals we are not accepting orders for the sandals until our restocking status is resolved. Currently we are out of stock of all sizes/colors of the 405 Pali Hawaiian Sandals. We cannot provide a date certain when your order would be received. We are sorry, currently we cannot respond to each individual request as timely as we would like. Our next order of sandals is scheduled to arrive the 3rd week of September. All outstanding back orders will be completely cleared then.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have purchased sandals and have not received them, please tell us if you would like to maintain your price and "place in line" and have your order shipped ASAP.

Type Yes, Save My Order in the subject line - Your Order will be shipped ASAP in the order it was received.

OR to CANCEL your order:
1. Type “Cancel Order” in the subject line.
2. Please provide the name the order was placed under and Confirmation or invoice number and any comments. Your request will be processed in a timely manner.


COMPARE AT: $29.99

PRICE:  $23.95


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